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On the Mac, Mail's filters and Smart Inboxes help organize your inbox automatically—and for everything else, you can install extensions or build Automator workflows to add the features you need to manage your mail.

Apple Mail Pricing: Free with i OS and mac OS Sparrow was the email app that made email fun again—until it was bought by Google and shut down. It started out as a simple email app, one that could show just a list of your emails like Sparrow.

Then, read and reply to emails as normal—or archive them with the checkmark.

You can pin important emails to the top of your inbox, snooze emails until you to work on them, or make new tasks to manage right alongside your emails.

Outlook can collect messages in a conversation from multiple days and folders, and display them all together.

Look at all that is scattered: showers, plots, clouds and—not your emails; not in Outlook, at least.

It's an email app that's as powerful or simple as you want.

Airmail Pricing: .99 for mac OS; .99 for i OS , then send an instant response with an emoji and archive the message in one step.

And when you do need to send a full email, just swipe over your signature to quickly switch to the one that's best for this message.

Spark Pricing: Free —includes all the fancy features the best mail apps today offer.

Outlook Pricing: from .99/month with Office 365 Personal, or 9 for Outlook 2016 standalone; Free on i OS and Android Gmail's labels, search, and nearly limitless storage changed how we use email.

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